In House Inventory

Unlike other removal companies, we want to give you peace of mind. Some of our customers place their effects into our long term storage and may not want them for a considerable time, usually if moving abroad or waiting for a new house to be built.

In these cases it is easy to forget what furniture you have, which makes planning the layout of your new house quite difficult, we also find that trusting your treasured personal effects to a removal company may be of concern.

Our solution to any of these situations are to give you a full in house inventory. This basically means that nothing leaves your house without a number and listing on an inventory sheet, of which you receive a copy upon completion.

We then check all the items as they go onto the lorry, then into storage and then finally when they come out of storage for the return of your effects, each item is checked onto the lorry and then back into your new property. You can also check off your own inventory sheet as the crew unloading will tell you the number relating to the item as they enter your new house.